Computer networks are an important part of every business and every household.  Whether you have a simple WiFi home router, or a series of routers and switches supporting dozens of machines, networking allows your computer to be part of something bigger and communicate with other computer; but a network is only as good as it's weakest link. From routers and switches, ethernet wiring and termination, or WiFi antennas and signals you need make to sure every part of your network is working at 100%.

At CRC Tech Services we have years of experience installing, configuring, and maintaining networks from the simplest home setup to the largest corporate infrastructure.  We offering new building wiring, existing build re-wiring, termination, and testing for ethernet wired networks as well as antennas, access points, bridges, repeaters, and point-to-point wireless solutions.  Using the latest equipment and technology we offer sales, installation, configuration, and mainentance of all types of network hardware.  If your network is not running at 100%, give us a call today!